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Pasture Raised, Heritage Pork

Our pigs spend their days laying around in the shade of an oak tree, or foraging on 20 acres for acorns, blackberries, and whatever else strikes their fancy. Our pigs are also fed a mixture of fermented hog feed, fresh goat milk, hard-boiled chicken eggs, and fresh veggies, most of which is sourced from our own farm!

Berkshire Pork.jpg

Berkshire pork is the most highly sought-after pork in the world. It looks and tastes like no other pork. Unlike commodity pork or “the other white meat”, Berkshire pork is visibly different. It has a darker richer color with and abundance of intramuscular marbling. Its flavor is distinctive with an unparalleled juiciness and tenderness.

Red Wattle pork is known for its rich taste and beef-like texture, but is also exceptionally lean all while retaining its juiciness.


The combination of the Berkshire and Red Wattle hogs results in a hardy, fast growing, foraging hog that, if used for breeding will help cut feed costs and produce larger litters. The meat provided by this cross is rich, flavorful, and well marbled.

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